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We Try Out Let It Die on PC at PAX West

The folks at Gung Ho Entertainment brought out a few games to PAX West, and chief among them was the upcoming PC version of Let It Die We took a good chunk of time to play a few levels of this, and for those of you who have already played the PS4 version, there's very[...]

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Grasshopper Manufacture's 'Let It Die' is Getting a Dating Sim Spinoff

Grasshopper Manufacture and GungHo Entertainment have announced a dating simulator spinoff of their popular free-to-play MMO Let It Die The aptly named Let It Date is something of an April Fools' joke, but it does look like it'll be a fully playable game We're supposed to get more details on the sim later today, so we'll have[...]

Let It Die Surpasses the 4 Million Downloads Mark

GungHo Online Entertainment America and Grasshopper Manufacture's free-to-play Let It Die has surpassed four million downloads worldwide on the PlayStation Store.In the past year, GungHo Online Entertainment and Grasshopper Manufacture continued to bring fresh new content to Let It Die through a series of game updates and partnerships, which has included collaborations with a number of games, including World[...]

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Let it Die to Reveal New Information in Twitch Stream on Monday

GungoHo Online Entertainment and Grasshopper Manufacture will host a stream on Monday on Twitch to discuss new content coming to their free-to-play pseudo MMO-arcade brawler hybrid Let it Die in the next update The stream will show us gameplay of new features and provide some information on the changes coming our way. You can watch the stream[...]

Let It Die Is Getting A World Of Tanks Crossover For It's First Anniversary

Let It Die, the critically-acclaimed free-to-play chaotic permadeath PS4 exclusive, is throwing a spectacular celebration for its one year anniversary with a major collaboration with World of Tanks The Crossover will take place on Thursday, Nov 30, 2017 through Thursday, Jan 11, 2018.The World of Tanks collab includes ten premium Skill Decals that may drastically affect various[...]

Gravity Rush Is Getting A Let It Die Crossover Event

Gravity Rush 2, Sony's PS4 open-world platformer starring everyone's favorite gravity witch, is apparently crossing over with Grasshopper Manufacture's free-to-play rogue-like hack-and-slash game Let It Die The announcement was made at GungHo Festival 2017, which is an event celebrating Grasshopper's parent company GungHo Online Entertainment And if you're sitting there wondering just how in the hell[...]

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Let It Die Gives Us The Perfect Ambiance And A Preview Of The Next Update At E3

GungHo Entertainment and Grasshopper Manufacture's Let it Die is a ridiculously campy tour-de-force that's as steeped in hypermasculine displays of violence as it is entirely self-aware To put it in simpler terms, Let it Die is compelling because it knows when not to take itself seriously, all while deadpanning through every joke And I cannot get enough[...]

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Let It Die Gets A TV Spot

GungHo Online Entertainment America and Grasshopper Manufacture have released a TV spot for their FTP arcade-style hack-and-slash title Let It Die, and it is everything you'd expect of a game as absurd as Suda's latest game The tv spot features "Uncle Death singing a classic disco anthem while showcasing the game's signature over-the-top mayhem." The song in[...]

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It Might Take 100 Deaths But It's Worth It – A Let It Die Review

[rwp-review-recap id="0"]It may not be entirely clear by the first few cutscenes, but Grasshopper Manufacture and Goichi Suda (Suda51)'s Let It Die is an homage to the heyday of Arcade gaming The game originally started development as Lily Bergamo which was going to be an extreme action game featuring a companion app and an "element of growth", in[...]

Let It Die Hits 2 Million Downloads

[caption id="attachment_611137" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: GungHo Online Entertainment[/caption]GungHo Online Entertainment America and Grasshopper Manufacture announced today that their free-to-play survival action game Let It Die has surpassed 2 million downloads on PlayStation 4 in North America, Europe, and Japan.Let It Die is a rather oddball game, but I've been fond of it since I played it[...]

Let It Die Gets A Rather Bizarre And Creepy Trailer

Let it Die has been quiet since it debuted at E3 2014 The game from Grasshopper Manufacture was hard to grasp then, but we now have a decent look at it now.While there is no gameplay in this trailer, you get a sense of what it is here You're a man in a desolate future urban[...]