Let It Die Gives Us The Perfect Ambiance And A Preview Of The Next Update At E3


GungHo Entertainment and Grasshopper Manufacture's Let it Die is a ridiculously campy tour-de-force that's as steeped in hypermasculine displays of violence as it is entirely self-aware. To put it in simpler terms, Let it Die is compelling because it knows when not to take itself seriously, all while deadpanning through every joke. And I cannot get enough of it. So seeing the next area to come to the Tower of Barbs and getting a glimpse of the next of the 4 Forceman – a play on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse – was a treat. Albeit a rather expected one. Of course they're going to show off new gameplay at E3, that's just what you do at a tradeshow.

What wasn't expected was the Let it Die interview booth with it's near-constant stream of talk show babble and incredibly miserable workers. Every person working in that booth looked like they wanted to die rather than be there, which is pretty fitting with a game that rewards you for strategically dying and then using your own former bodies as personal errand boys. But not what you'd expect from what should be a massive game hype outlet.

Every time I walk by that small corner of the Los Angeles Convention Center where Let it Die has made a nice comfy home, I cannot help but be absolutely amazed by the sheer "please kill me" glances on the faces of every single booth worker.

And that casting decision was perfect. It provides the absolute best counterpoint to the brand new footage that GungHo rolled out for E3. It also goes perfectly with the cheery t-shirts and Uncle Death sunglasses. If you haven't walked past that booth and let the sheer schadenfreude boost your mood, you have not fully enjoyed your E3 experience to the max. For those at home, imagine the most bored cashier you've ever seen at a Target at 3am, and then go watch the video below. The combination is everything there is to know about Let it Die.

You can also check out the game's website, in case you needed further proof of just why this booth setup is fantastic.

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