Gravity Rush Is Getting A Let It Die Crossover Event

Gravity Rush Is Getting A Let It Die Crossover Event

Gravity Rush 2, Sony's PS4 open-world platformer starring everyone's favorite gravity witch, is apparently crossing over with Grasshopper Manufacture's free-to-play rogue-like hack-and-slash game Let It Die. The announcement was made at GungHo Festival 2017, which is an event celebrating Grasshopper's parent company GungHo Online Entertainment. And if you're sitting there wondering just how in the hell a crossover between these games will work, well, it isn't the first time Gravity Rush has had an odd crossover partner.

Just a few months back, protagonist Kat gained the ability to don the costume of Nier: Automata's 2B as she flips, flies, and falls around the the floating city she protects. Then later the characters of NieR: Automata got their own Gravity Rush costumes to complete the cycle. A Let It Die crossover might work similarly by giving Kat a new costume to wear – and wouldn't she look awesome as Uncle Death or one of the Direct Hell Insurance girls? – but that's just speculation. We'll be getting more details on how the crossover will work on Monday.

And this isn't the first cross-game collaboration event GungHo has been a part of either. They have a tendency to announce crossover events for several of their games – Puzzles and Dragons recently had a Monster Hunter collab after all – but this is the first time a collaboration is coming to Let It Die.

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