Let It Die Reaches 3 Million Downloads Because We're All Just Doing It For The Mushrooms


While 3,000,000 might be a small number by game sales comparisons – GTA V has sold more than 75 million copies over it's lifespan – but GungHo Entertainment and Grasshopper Manufacture still have quite a bit to celebrate. Their FTP Arcade-style RPG Let It Die has been downloaded over 3 million times, which is pretty impressive when you consider just how little news the game gets. For a chaoitic, over-the-top, truly FTP hack and slash game, you'd have expected a bit more excitement over the game's launch this past December, but sadly it was just a footnote in the pre-Holiday madness that is the month of December.

However, as of May 15th, more than 3 million gamers have decided to try their luck at the Tower of Barbs, and that is definitely worth some celebrations.

But don't expect the game to get any easier. If anything, Grasshopper Manufacture and Suda51 have decided to punish you even further for liking the game so much. They're constantly pushing new content into Let It Die like one recent update from April that brought you the boss White Steel, one of the "4 Forcemen" – it's not hard to guess that we'll be seeing his three brothers sometime within the year.

June will bring even more updates to the game, including new areas in the tower, new decals, new equipment, and even more ways to die.

So if you haven't checked out the game yet, well, join the 3 million maniacs already playing and take some time to hang out with Uncle Death. I swear it's a lot more meta than the game lets on at first glance. And who doesn't like dying over 1000 times just to make it to the top of a hideously difficult tower?

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