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Thor's Comic Review Column – Teen Titans, Dark Engine, Translucid, Black Market, Seconds, Life With Archie, Journey Into Mystery: Sif, And A Few Words For Those Who Can't Handle Change In Funnybooks
This Week's Comic Reviews Include: Teen Titans #1 Dark Engine #1 Translucid #4 Black Market #1 Seconds Life With Archie #36 Journey Into Mystery Featuring Sif Vol 1 and 2 But first, a word or two directed to those who can't handle change in their superhero funnybooks. 1 An Open Letter to People Complaining About the New Thor/Captain America By Adam[...]
A Comic Show – Archie Dies, Harley Goes to SDCC!
I couldn't put it down last night, and I'm not going to eat a mushroom to change that! Life With Archie #36 features the death of Archie, and it was beautifully executed From the first page to the last,who he saves, his goodbye to his two women,it's quality work The Wicked + The Divine #2[...]
52 Thoughts About 51 Comics – Original Sin, Hulk Vs Iron Man, Rocket Raccoon, Dicks, Harley Quinn, Ms Marvel, She-Hulk, Adventure Time, X-Men Anniversary, Batwoman, Robin Rises, Teen Titans, Batman Eternal, Futures End, Red Hood, X-Men, BPRD, Brain Boy, Eye Of Newt, Rat Queens, Squidder, Crossed, Secret Avengers, Stray Bullets, Legenderry, Ghost, X-Files, Shadow, My Little Pony, Devilers, Last Broadcast, Ash, Littlest Pet Shop, Translucid, The Last Fall, Judge Dredd, Aphrodite IX/Cyberforce, Wildfire, Doberman, TMNT, Life With Archie, Next Testament, Sons Of Anarchy, Black Market, Doodle Jump, Captain Action Cat, Lady Zorro, The Wicked + The Divine, Dark Age And God Is Dead
Tony Stark, trying to woo Bruce Banner in Original Sin #3.2. You can see the love in his eyes can't you? How could Bruce Banner resist... Just don't make
Archie To Be Killed Off… Against Archie Comics' Strict Promise Of 2007!
Matt went ahead and agreed to do that disclaimer. Now, in April of 2014, Archie Comics just announced it plans to kill Archie in the non-continuity Life With Archie, out in July. Each issue is normally split into two storylines — one telling a tale of Archie married to Veronica another with him ending up with Betty[...]
Young Avengers, Batwoman, Fearless Defenders, Life With Archie And Husbands Nominated For Gay Media Awards
Williams III, Marc Andreyko Fearless Defenders, written by Cullen Bunn Husbands, written by Jane Espenson, Brad Bell Life With Archie, written by Paul Kupperberg Young Avengers, written by Kieron Gillen Batwoman featured a lead lesbian character in a committed relationship It was criticised for dropping the marriage plot, but hiring a gay writer after Blackman and Williams walked may have won[...]
Freakmagnets and Criminal Indictments—Archie Comics at Baltimore Comic Con
Several soon-to-be-released series like Afterlife with Archie and The Fox suggest that Archie Comics doesn't shy away from shifting its public image these days into more challenging realms, but the secret to their success seems to be building on longstanding good ideas rather than radical departures that might lose core readership. In the Archie Comics[...]
Wednesday Trending Topics: DC vs Marvel vs Archie On A Busy News Day. Who Wins?
Which title wins the news today? Life With Archie With five times the reads of the second-most-read story. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Archie Comics' First Gay Wedding In Life With Archie #16, which looks at the world of a twenty-somthing Archie cast has recently created gay character Kevin Keller returning from war to get married to his[...]