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Would You Have Read Lisa Simpson Mystery Novels by Gail Simone?

That demand will be satisfied somehow.But going through her many experiences with the publisher, Gail also mentioned something that never was. '"For a while, they were hot on the idea of Lisa Simpson child mystery novels, with Ralph as her Watson Somewhere, the first chapters of those exist, but they never happened as a published work." Seems just the[...]

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How Treehouse-of-Horror is The Face Shop's Lisa Simpson Face Mask?

The Face Shop is a South Korea-based company specializing in skin care and makeup. Their products are made from the finest active plants and are designed to enhance a person's natural beauty. Currently there are over 100 stores worldwide, which is an impressive feat. I stopped into one recently and was slightly overwhelmed with the […]

A Future 'Simpsons' Episode Could Show Lisa In A Same-Sex Relationship

One attendee asked, in regard to Lisa Simpson: "Millhouse or Nelson?"Bleeding Cool ace reporter Erin Wilhelm was live on the scene to catch the answer She tells us that the panel revealed that an upcoming episode of the show will feature Future Lisa, and that it might show Lisa in a relationship with a woman.Lisa's[...]