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Teri Hatcher And Dean Cain Both Up For A Lois & Clark Reboot

In the current DC Comics, Superman and Lois Lane are a married couple, with a son, Jonathan. They have been aged compared to their recent appearance but no one seems to notice anymore, as reality has been rewritten. You know, it's not just the comics that can do that. Teri Hatcher, who played Lois in […]

Time For Superman To Have 'The Talk' With His Son….

Superman: Lois And Clark #7 was solicited with this cover.Instead we're getting this one.But the solicit contents tell more...(W) Dan Jurgens (A/CA) Lee Weeks The cosmic menace of Hyanthis hits Earth-and this Superman may not be enough to stop her from obtaining the power of the Oblivion Stone And is Jon starting to manifest superpowers of[...]

The Pre-Flashpoint Superman Is Keeping The Iron Giant As A Prisoner

From today's Superman: Lois And Clark, a comic that stars a different version of the Superman currently starring in DC's comic books.This is a Superman who married Lois Lane and had a child And then found himself with his family on the current DC Universe Earth that already had a Superman and a Lois Lane[...]

Lois And Clark Art Looks A Little… Familiar?

This is the alternate cover for Lois & Clark #1 by Tony S Daniel, out tomorrow. Except according to the signature it was created in 2012. Looks like this was a bit of a recycle job, originally planned for his aborted run with Andy Diggle that got curtailed when Diggle wasn't allowed to cut off […]