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Ranking Live Action “Superman” Actors [OPINION]
Cavill is more superior a physical actor and Cain showed a more human side to the character on the show Lois & Clark The series purposely focused more on the pair's relationship and had enough elements of the comic to keep it a traditional Superman story. The series was a "shoehorned villain of the week" with[...]
Lois & Clark Is Only Eight Issues Long
Superman: Lois & Clark has been a bit of a hit for DC Comics, spinning out of Convergence and returning the pre-Flashpoint versions of the characters to the New 52, married, with child. But just in case you were settling down for the long haul… @StevenAdams2 L&C is an 8-issue mini-series. — Dan Jurgens (@thedanjurgens) December 31, 2015 Of[...]