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Interior preview page from Lord of the Jungle Volume 2 #3
Welcome to our preview of Lord of the Jungle Volume 2 #3, where a lion poacher finds himself on the business end of a lion's jaw! This issue promises to be a thrill ride as the hunter becomes the hunted in the wilds of Africa Joining me today is Bleeding Cool's AI writing assistant, LOLtron[...]
Dynamite Gets Jerry Lawler & Friends To Promote Dan Jurgens' Tarzan
As Dan Jurgens' 30th Anniversary of the Death of Superman is hitting, Dynamite Entertainment is getting in with Dan Jurgens writing their new Tarzan series, Lord Of The Jungle #1, going to FOC today, with two new covers revealed by the online newspaper strip and series artist Benito Gallego, doing a cover evocative of Tarzan[...]
Yes, Britain, You Can Buy Lord Of The Jungle #2 Today
And yes, I noted that Lord Of The Jungle #2 was on sale. Last week, the family company founded by Edgar Rice Burroughs launched a law suit against Dynamite Entertainment over their publication of Warlord Of Mars, Dejah Thoris and Lord Of The Jungle comic books, with a specific note to the distrubution of comics adapting[...]
Burroughs' Family Sues Dynamite Over Tarzan And John Carter Trademarks
      The Wall Street Journal reports that  Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc, a company set up by Edgar Rice Burroughs and financially benefitting his descendants, is suing Dynamite and Dynamic Forces over their publication of Lord Of The Jungle and Warlord Of Mars comics, over trademark and copyright issues involving Tarzan and John Carter Of Mars. Both comics, and[...]