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Comikaze 2015: Indie Creators Share Self-Publishing Experience
Rock); Bryant Dillon (Identity Thief, Something Animal); and Madeleine Holly-Rosing (Boston Metaphysical Society, Kickstart for the Independent Creator: A Practical and Informative Guide To Crowdfunding). Why is self publishing so important? The panelists cited several reasons: "I can be innovative and creative," Donnelly said "It's easier to do when you self-publish." Orr said that he could[...]
New Crowdfunding Book Provides ABCs To Success
Through trial and error, writer/creator Madeleine Holly-Rosing ran two successful Kickstarter campaigns last year for her steampunk comic book series Boston Metaphysical Society. "There are tons of crowdfunding books on the market, but none that deal with the smaller goals of the independent creator," Holly-Rosing explained "And having watched so many wonderful projects not make their[...]
Long Beach Comic Con Programming Brought Out Diversity, Writing Tips, Key Anniversaries, And Creating Dynamic Female Characters In Comics
I was joined by panel founder Neo Edmund (Red Riding, Clan of the Vein), Paige Halsey Warren (Busty Girl Comics), Geekie Awards nominated Madeleine Holly-Rosing (Boston Metaphysical Society), and Steven L Sears (Xena: Warrior Princess, Sheena, Swamp Thing) for an hour to discuss their writing process for creating female characters that challenge well-worn tropes. The panelists[...]