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Deadmau5 Releases New Music Video Using Manticore Games' Software
Deadmau5 released a new music video this week with a twist as it was created using Core, the game-building software from Manticore Games A short time ago, the electronic artist partnered with Manticore to have a music video contest where entrants used the Core software to create visuals for his upcoming single, "When The Summer[...]
Manticore Games Offers A Tesla Model 3 In New Game Competition
Manticore Games has announced a brand new competition happening right now with the Core Invitational Game Jam – Summer 2021 The event will give game developers who use their Core system to create new and incredible games from scratch the chance to win some amazing prizes This time around they have their biggest prize pool[...]
Auto Draft
Manticore Games has released two new titles this week, each inspired by two different creators in WWE's Xavier Woods and Penny Arcade's Jerry Holkins If you haven't been keeping track of the company lately, Manticore has been doing a lot with getting people to make games using their platform, Core Which utilizes the Unreal Engine-powered[...]
Manticore Games Launches A Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Contest
Following their competition from PAX Online, Manticore Games has released over 100 free D&D-themed games for you to play After running a contest that was later played by a group of celebrity D&D players during the event, who picked out the best of the best to feature on a livestream You can check out that[...]
Manticore Games Launches A Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Contest
Manticore Games would like to see what you create in the world of Dungeons & Dragons with a brand new contest you can enter The company is throwing a Design-A-Dungeon contest, where they want to see what you have to bring to the table as a Dungeon Master From now until September 6th, contestants will[...]
Core Academy Preview-1
Would you like to learn how to design video games from actual developers? Manticore Games has an answer for you The company announced this week that they are opening up a new free online course called Core Academy This is designed to teach the next generation of game makers and players how to design functional[...]
Manticore Games Launches Open Alpha For "Core" Platform
This week, Manticore Games launched an open alpha for their brand new platform Core, a free space and community for people to create and play games The essence of the platform is to give player-creators an open-access space to create, collaborate, and share content they're working on Their own description says it will give players[...]