Manticore Games Launches Over 100 Free New D&D-Themed Games

Following their competition from PAX Online, Manticore Games has released over 100 free D&D-themed games for you to play. After running a contest that was later played by a group of celebrity D&D players during the event, who picked out the best of the best to feature on a livestream. You can check out that stream below and see the list of winners that were chosen. But if you'd like to play any of them or any of the submissions, you can do so through this portal, which will give you access to all of the games that were submitted. Enjoy your time delving into these all-gamer created lands.

Do you have what it takes to brave these dungeons? Courtesy of Manticore Games.
Do you have what it takes to brave these dungeons? Courtesy of Manticore Games.
  • Overall Winner: Forgotten Cisterns by Keppu

    • As an initiate in the Heroes Guild, you are tasked with a mundane errand – to clean the castle's sewers. But the simple task quickly reveals something more sinister, a plague of undead who have clogged the castle's plumbing with the bones of their victims. Fight, loot, and level up to clean out the pipes and take out the boss.

  • Best Strongholds and Towers: Best Little Horror House by CircleToons

    • You begin your quest on a dark and stormy night at the Frank 'n Stein Inn. There's a castle outside Luskan that's been overrun by minions of evil and a dungeon master with a sick sense of humor. With writing so good you'll actually read the dialogue boxes, dozens of Easter eggs, and homages to cult horror classics, you'll want to explore all of the hidden areas in this horror-comedy adventure.

  • Best Dungeons Caves and Caverns: Treasure of Baland-Ur by CardinalZebra

    • Roll your stats and choose your class then enter the ancient dungeon of Baland-Ur. Legend says a cultist of the Bone god built it to store their treasures. Many brave adventurers have failed to loot the subterranean lair. Will you survive and return with unimaginable wealth? Secret rooms, traps, magical cauldrons, and monsters await the intrepid adventurer.

  • Best Wilderness: New Lumeria: Stillwater by BryceLovesGaming

    • Explore the area around the Village of Stillwater, a small mining round nestled in a forested valley. Uncover the secrets of the Mysterious Spire, a strange structure that radiates magical energy. Complete quests, solve puzzles, and help a dragon with a fox problem in this open world adventure.

  • Best Elemental Planes: Corruption of Aurealis by kelseru

    • The Aerie, a cacophony of mysterious floating islands, is in peril. Eerily beautiful crystals plague the once sacred lands, disturbing the magical balance and corrupting the colossal guardians of the elements with malevolent power. On top of this sudden emergence, the Goddess Kasura has vanished, leaving the realms vulnerable and in chaos. Join Atro, a quirky wisp, as you uncover what lies beneath the corruption and restore the magical balance to the Aerie!

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