Manticore Games Launches A Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Contest

Manticore Games would like to see what you create in the world of Dungeons & Dragons with a brand new contest you can enter. The company is throwing a Design-A-Dungeon contest, where they want to see what you have to bring to the table as a Dungeon Master. From now until September 6th, contestants will be able to use Core, the new User Generated Content (UGC) platform for playing and creating games to build the dungeon of your dreams. You will have a chance to win $20k in prizes for creating games and adventures in four themes: strongholds, the wilderness, elemental planes, and dungeons. As part of the contest and to benefit the world in general Manticore Games will be donating $100 to Extra Life for every entry up to $10k. You can read more about the contest below and check out the trailer for it as well.

What kind of dungeon can you create? Courtesy of Manticore Games.
What kind of dungeon can you create? Courtesy of Manticore Games.

All of the games and explorable worlds created during the contests will be revealed live and playable for free during a special PAX Online storytelling and gameplay panel. Some of Dungeons & Dragons's most notable adventurers and experienced Dungeon Masters—including Acquisition Incorporated's Jerry Holkins, Relics & Rarities' Deborah Ann Woll and more—will reveal and play the winning Dungeons & Dragons creations from the contests and tell the tale of their most epic D&D adventures live from inside Core.

Currently in Open Alpha, Core is already leading a disruption in game creation, much in the same way YouTube and Twitch changed video and streaming. Core's multiverse of games is growing daily, as a new generation of creators, many without prior game development experience, contribute multiplayer games and beautiful explorable worlds that are connected through portals. Now with Core creators turning their attention to the world of D&D, all fans of fantasy and adventure will be able to embark on grand quests when a wave of new D&D inspired games and worlds arrive on Core this September.

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