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Stan Lee's Brother & Other Marvel Creator Estates File Supreme Court
And on that decision hangs many other such cases – including Marvel Comics' sixties characters and so much more. It is noted that when Jack Kirby's estate petitioned the Supreme Court for copyright reversal, that it was then, and only then, that Disney paid out what is reported to be $30-$35 million to settle the case[...]
What A Difference A Court Case Makes To Marvel Comics' Credits
Recently, the estate of Jack Kirby represented by lawyer Marc Toberoff was to take Marvel and Disney to the Supreme Court In a case that, if won, would have redefined work for hire and creator ownership for the whole of the United States. Marvel and Disney settled. Bleeding Cool was informed by close, but confidential sources, that[...]
Marvel To Respond To Kirby Request To The Supreme Court Today
Today, Marvel are due to respond to the case from Jack Kirby's family and estate, represented by Marc Toberoff, regarding the definition of work for hire in a freelance capacity – which the Supreme Court will be considering whether or not to hear in September This could impact on the ownership and revenue created by[...]
On Independence Day, An Appeal For Creator Owned Rights For America
Done re=ather well, no one can deny it. But just as the estate of Jack Kirby have gone to the Supreme Court over the transference of rights from Marvel to the Kirbys, might Great Britain engage lawyer Marc Toberoff to see if we can get the rights to the USA back? And after all, when that[...]
Thursday Runaround – Fox, Warners And DC Taking A Gamble
This is about supply and demand." Oh, and… DC Comics declined to be interviewed for this story. Well they are a bit busy… read on. COURT IN THE ACT Marc Toberoff is having fun in court again, trying to dismiss DC Comics suit against him for copyright interference. This week's motion says that regardless of DC's claims, they ran down the[...]
Todd McFarlane Settles With Al Simmons, DC Try To Get Their Costs From Toberoff
Terms of any settlement aren't known. Looks like Al won't be calling himself Spawn any more… They also mention that Siegel and Shuster lawyer Marc Toberoff is appealing the Superman decision case, and that Warners/DC Entertainment are appealing to get their costs in the trial back. We reported on what appeared to be a rather ridiculous legal[...]
Siegels And Shusters Lose Case Over Superman Against DC Entertainment
Daniel Best of Oh Danny Boy presents the legal document that will give Marc Toberoff and the Siegel and Shuster estates an un-merry Christmas But give DC Entertainment lawyers some festive cheer That the judge has ruled "…the copyright termination notice served by the Estate of Joseph Shuster on November 10, 2003, is deemed invalid and[...]
Superman, Siegel And The Court Of Appeals
The Siegel and Shuster representative, Marc Toberoff, argues that Warners changed the terms of the 2001 agreement – which was only in principle – and that the 2006 agreement letter was invalidated by Warner's replies that amended what royalties the heirs would receive. While DC continues to argue that Toberoff tempted the Siegels and Shusters away[...]
New Twist In The Fight For Superman: $600,000 For Shuster's Half?
 Best says in part: In between appeals against the Siegel heirs, consisting of claim and counter claim and co-counter claim, came this latest round of filings, and their associated documents consisting of just under 1,000 separate pages, apparently from the collection of Paul Levitz.  DC's stance is that, for a mere $600,000, which has already been[...]
Marc Toberoff Alleges Stan Lee Threatened His Own Brother Larry, In Jack Kirby Appeal
How ugly is this? As part of Marc Toberoff's appeal against Marvel Comics on behalf of the estate of Jack Kirby, over gaining copyright of the likes of X-Men, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Thor and The Avengers, the paperwork goes straight for the Stan Lee jugular. They state that Marvel's case, that Jack Kirby's contribution to Marvel during[...]
Superman, DC Comics v. Pacific Pictures Corp, And The Toberoff Timeline
Wright to deny Marc Toberoff's motion to strike several claims in DC Comics v Pacific Pictures Corp first came to my attention from a post by Mark Zaid, a Washington, DC attorney specializing in cases involving national security, who also has an interest in comics and the intersection between comics and the law —  last[...]