Mario Bros.

Nintendo Announces Super Mario Maker 2 Release For June 2019

Someone Made A Calculator Level In "Super Mario Maker 2"

People have been making a ton of interesting levels in Super Mario Maker 2, but shockingly, the latest to catch our eye involves basic math.┬áBeardBear has a new video on his page for a level created in the game by someone in Germany named Helgafan that acts as a basic calculator where you end up […]

Mario Tennis Aces

"Mario Tennis Aces" Will Be Free To Play For A Week In August

Mario Tennis Aces has been out for over a year, but Nintendo has decided they're going to let you play the game for free on Nintendo Switch. The game was one of the more popular summer titles last year as you had a tennis game with a narrative and some awesome multiplayer. But Nintendo would […]

Mario Bros.

Nintendo Is In Talks To Bring The Super Mario Bros. To The Big Screen

It looks like the Mario Bros. are coming to the big screen after all. In a new report posted by The Wall Street Journal (via Kotaku), Nintendo is in early talks with Illumination and Universal Pictures to bring the Mario Bros. to the big screen for an animated feature. This isn't that surprising of a […]

The Weirdest Pairing That Works: A Quick Review Of 'Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle'

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a tactical adventure game from Ubisoft where, much like mixing chocolate and peanut butter, it's two good tastes that seem to go well together. The game makes absolutely no attempt to make a justified reason for them to be together beyond the cutscenes at the start, where […]

'DWVR', 'Splasher', & 'Ruiner' In Video Game Releases: Sept. 26 – Oct. 2

We got a long list of video game releases to close out the month of September. Check out the list below, find something you like, buy wisely and as always; have fun! September 26 Blue Reflection (PC, PS4) DWVR [VR] (PS4) Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (PC, PS4, Vita) Eventide 2: The Sorcerer's Mirror (PS4) Fallout […]