Someone Modded LEGO Super Mario To Be An NES Controller

It looks like a few clever people out there are getting more out of LEGO Super Mario than just making their own levels on a table. As we wrote about earlier, people have been doing some fun things with tech this month, as someone managed to put Skyrim on a pregnancy test. If you didn't know from the ads for the LEGO set featuring Nintendo's loveable plumber and other characters, the main Mario figure is electronic and reacts to the course as he's walking on it an interacting with various objects. It makes him all interactive and cute, but it also means there's a CPU inside with some programming, which means he can be hacked.

Mario looks so happy in LEGO form, if only he knew he was hackable. Courtesy of Nintendo.
Mario looks so happy in LEGO form, if only he knew he was hackable. Courtesy of Nintendo.

In a video posted to Twitter by R1ckp, they showed a small setup where they managed to get inside the software for the LEGO version of Super Mario and made a few modifications. They managed to turn Mario himself into an NES controller that operates based on the movement and positioning of the character. As you can see int he link below, they make him move by tilting him backward and forward, run by holding down on the forward tilt, and jumping bu raising the character up. They also managed to make him fire in his Fire Flower suit by putting him down on a specific pad from the LEGO level.

It's a pretty cool hack to see them play the original Super Mario Bros. on NES, and it makes for some interesting theories of how you could both play and maybe speedrun Mario games using this functionality. It would be awesome to see someone speedrun Super Mario Bros. 3 with this setup. We'll see if somewhere down the line they improve on the design.

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