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Super Mario Party Becomes Fastest Selling Title in the Series

Nintendo took a moment during all their celebrations about Cyber Monday to announce that Super Mario Party reached its own milestone Thanks in part to the shopping weekend, that game surpassed one million units sold, making it the fastest selling entry in the franchise. to sales charts, that currently puts the game at #13 of[...]

New Super Mario Party Trailer Highlights the Game's Joy-Con Features

Nintendo has released a brand new trailer for Super Mario Party, this time showing off the functions of the joy-cons while playing the game Earlier this week we reported on how some people were talking about the mechanics of the joy-con system in the game, and how apparently you can only use them and how[...]

The Controls for Super Mario Party Controls Are Apparently Wonky and Limited

According to a few sources who have tried out Super Mario Party, it appears the game will have controls that won't exactly be the best to play with. Nintendo Enthusiast is reporting that on top of the fact that the game does not support pro-controller play, but it will also not be compatible with the handheld mode, leaving[...]