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Shout! Factory Launches Free Streaming Service With MST3K
Plus there are 16 films from Werner Herzog, some Roger Corman movies, the Marx Brothers' A Night in Casablanca, A Room With a View, Hoop Dreams and Death of a Salesman, starring Dustin Hoffman. Starting with 1,000 hours, the company expects to add 200 hours of new content per month while taking others out of the rotation. [Source: Variety] [...]
Coming From Valerie D'Orazio – Edward Snowden, The Joker And A Marx Sister
asking what if the Marx Brothers ran the Roger Corman film studio… And there's this still to come.   I've been a fan of Valerie D'Orazio's writing since the days of her Occasional Superheroine blog. It wasn't that it was just a vicious attack on the underbelly of comic books, calling out extreme sexism and sexual harassment long before[...]