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"Celeste" Developer Offers Tips & Tricks To Beating The Game
But how many of them came from a developer of the game? Maddy Thorson, the mind behind Matt Makes Games and Extremely OK Games, and the co-creator of the successful indie platformer decided to do something cool this week While there are a great many people under self-quarantine from the coronavirus looking for something to[...]
Chapter Nine Of "Celeste" Arrives On September 9th
The news came down from a brand new company called Extremely OK Games, which is the new gaming company founded by Celeste creator Matt Thorson, which will replace Matt Makes Games In the first blog post about the new company, they revealed all of the DLC details, including the fact it will be free and[...]
Chapter Nine Of Celeste Will Contain Over 100 Levels
The DLC has been teased ever since December, but finally, we have an update. credit//Matt Makes Games Creator Matt Thorson took to Twitter back on Friday and let fans know that the DLC on the way, but that it was going to have over 100 levels added to it This was also his way of informing fans[...]
A New Celeste Teaser Says Farewell Levels Are Coming Soon
Matt Makes Games posted a new little teaser for the upcoming Farewell Levels this week that will be coming to Celeste, and it seems they're coming sooner than expected The post was made on Twitter, highlighting some of the new music being added to the game, which sounds pretty dope itself But up in the[...]
Celeste Creator Reveals Details of New DLC Coming to the Game
Over the weekend, we got a little taste from Matt Thorson, the game's creator and main dude behind Matt Makes Games, as he released a few details on his Twitter account No visuals to speak of, but there are some important things to take note of, including the knowledge that we're not getting it on[...]
Bleeding Cool's Best in Gaming 2018: Best Indie Game
Matt Thorson and the entire crew he worked with behind Matt Makes Games did an excellent job of creating a single-player platformer that made you want to come back for more Not just in the way they designed levels and created some of the most challenging levels you'll come across in the genre, but also[...]
Celeste Will Be Getting Some Final Harder Levels in 2019
Matt Thorson, the man behind Celeste and the production company Matt Makes Games, announced that there are some more challenges on the way The word came down from Thorson's Twitter account this week as he thanked fans for making the game a hit and promised them something new on the way. We're working on some farewell Celeste[...]
TowerFall Ascension
Developer Matt Makes Games announced both Celeste and TowerFall Ascension would come to the Nintendo Switch last year And while it may have seemed a TowerFall port would likely be released first, it still has yet to be released Meanwhile, Celeste released just last week. Speaking to IGN as part of a larger discussion about independent games on the[...]