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Batman And Mayor Nakano - A Better Future? Detective Comics #1045
And Nakano was injured in the process. Detective Comics #1027 artwork by Dan Mora And, left by Batman, Nakano made the Dark Knight the focus of his attention and ire. Detective Comics #1027 artwork And a pledge was made, one that cannot be easily undone. Detective Comics #1027 artwork Something that was underlined, for the future ahead with The Black Casebook. Detective[...]
Mayor Nakano? Detective Comics #1031 and Future State Spoilers
Detective Nakano? Or Mayor Nakano? Today sees the publication of Detective Comics #1031 and the DC Future State Preview book In which we learn that the Dark Detective Future State series will be set in 2027 And, in seven years time, Detective Nakano will be Mayor of the city on an anti-vigilante platform In Detective[...]