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"Metroid Prime 4" Just Got An Art Director From Electronic Arts
You just love to leak out video game information, huh? The latest one being a possible release date for Metroid Prime 4 It's been a long minute since we heard anything development-wise about the game, as it continues to sit in development hell There are even odds-makers at this point who are betting the game[...]
"Metroid Prime 4" Just Got An Art Director From Electronic Arts
Some interesting news this week in regards to Metroid Prime 4 as the game just got a brand new art director with a noteworthy background Jhony Ljungstedt who was a former Art Director for EA DICE has officially joined the team, according to Video Games Chronicle Ljungstedt has a number of familiar video games under[...]
Metroid Prime 4
Clear back in January, Nintendo said they were restarting development on Metroid Prime 4 with Retro Studios Now that studio is looking for some people to work on it The company posted this notice on their Twitter last week, letting anyone with the skills know they have some open positions While they don't say the[...]
Nintendo Announces Metroid Prime 4 is Restarting Development
The long saga of us getting a proper Metroid game on the Nintendo Switch continues as the company announced they've restarted Metroid Prime 4's development The company sent out this video today, featuring Shinya Takahashi, who is responsible for development at Nintendo, explaining that Retro Studios has taken over the project and that the game is basically[...]
Metroid Prime 4
Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Amie says that despite the game not turning up at Nintendo's E3 press conference, Metroid Prime 4 is still doing well in development. credit//Nintendo Unless you were a Super Smash Bros fan who cares about minute detail, you could be forgiven for being a little disappointed by Nintendo's showcase at E3[...]
Bandai Namco Logo
The unit will "invest aggressively in IP creations," and won't just focus on video games. To facilitate the creation of new IP, Bandai Namco is investing 25 billion yen (approximately $232 million USD) over the next three years "on top of its normal investments". The upcoming Code Vein is the company's next new IP — and it sounds like it's just the[...]
Metroid Prime 4
Metroid Prime 4, which was teased back at E3 last year by Nintendo, is being handled by Bandai Namco Studios Singapore as part of a collaboration with Nintendo The move is a little surprising since the series has been handled primarily by Retro Studios and Nintendo, so to see the company switch gears for what will[...]
Metroid Prime 4 Ridge Racer 7
Many have taken that report to mean that Bandai are working on Metroid Prime 4 or a modernized Switch exclusive of the Metroid Prime Trilogy. Another listing outright refers to Ridge Racer 8, a game which has not been announced in any capacity from Bandai Namco, and details it as a "drift-based high speed car racing [game] exclusive to[...]
Metroid Prime 4 Coming To Nintendo Switch; See The First Look Trailer From E3
Nintendo has released the first look trailer for Metroid Prime 4, revealed just now during their E3 presentation The game is currently in development, with no release date yet (though you can already pre-order it on Amazon), and sure, the trailer is basically just a fancy title screen, but who cares about that, because Metroid[...]