Did Amazon Really Leak Metroid Prime 4's Release Date?

Oh, Amazon. You just love to leak out video game information, huh? The latest one being a possible release date for Metroid Prime 4. It's been a long minute since we heard anything development-wise about the game, as it continues to sit in development hell. There are even odds-makers at this point who are betting the game won't even be finished in time to be on the Nintendo Switch and that it'll end up on whatever console Nintendo is currently inventing in a secret lab somewhere in Kyoto to replace it later this decade.

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Credit: Nintendo

Well, maybe we won't have to wait that long if the latest leak from Amazon is correct. Those who have pre-ordered the game and are basically waiting for news about it on Amazon got a fun message on New Year's Eve, as you can see from the tweet below. The message let fans know that Metroid Prime 4 has a new official release date on their website of January 2nd, 2023. So a good two years down the road.

So of course we're all sitting around asking ourselves whether or not this could be true. While it is good that it popped up now to let fans know it'll be out almost two years to the date of when they got the alert, we're calling BS on this. While it doesn't hold the usual fake-date placeholder format Amazon usually sets of Christmas Day or some other weird holiday, it doesn't fit Nintendo's format of releasing it proper to the holiday or at least at a point in time where it would do Metroid Prime 4 any good with sales. So until Nintendo some around and confirmed the date, we're guessing this is a combo on Amazin putting down a fake date on a game they can't predict and their alarms going off when they didn't want them to.

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