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I May Destroy You Gives Television Its First Watchmen
This article below originally ran over a year ago, celebrating the launch of I May Destroy You, Michaela Coel's BBC TV drama that focused on sexual assault, but also reinvented the television drama, in much the same way that Watchmen did the superhero comic book thirty-five years ago I described I May Destroy You as[...]
Smith… from a preview for The Walking Dead and Michaela Coel commenting on Doctor Who buzz to an AEW PPV and Chucky getting a new series poster From there, we have reviews for NBC's Brooklyn Nine-Nine, FX's What We Do in the Shadows, HBO Max's Adventure Time: Distant Lands "Wizard City", AEW All Out & the[...]
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One name that has been getting a ton of buzz is award-winning I May Destroy You writer, director & star Michaela Coel– a name that Bleeding Cool has also considered and debated but to be clear? Those debates were whether or not the BBC could afford them, be flexible to their ever-increasing list of projects,[...]
Doctor Who: Michaela Coel Won’t be the Next Doctor - It Would be Cool
Michaela Coel has been on the list of possible new Doctors after Jodie Whittaker leaves The rather elaborate rumour from weeks ago stated that Coel would not only take over as the 14th Doctor but also become the new showrunner after Chris Chibnall leaves This is almost certainly not going to happen. Michaela Coel in "I[...]
I May Destroy You Gives Television Its First Watchmen
I May Destroy You, written by, produced by, and starring Michaela Coel, broadcast by the BBC and HBO, was the best television series, by far, in 2020 Bleeding Cool called it television's first Watchmen, regarding the way it treated character, structure, and the medium of television itself Ostensibly about a blogger's struggle with a second[...]
I May Destroy You Gives Television Its First Watchmen
I May Destroy You is a new twelve-part TV series written by and starring Michaela Coel from the BBC, with HBO buy-in It is sensational, is a remarkable achievement in television and, yes because this is Bleeding Cool, I am describing it as TV's first Watchmen Which for some may see as inappropriate, given that[...]