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Pokémon TCG Japan Reveals ex Starter Deck: Miraidon ex
The ex Starter Decks will include Decidueye ex, Clefable ex, Greninja ex, Vicitni ex, Houndoom ex, Melmetal ex, Miraidon ex, and Koraidon ex There will also be two secret decks that have not yet been revealed The Pokémon ex mechanic, the main mechanic of this new era, continues in these decks While it has not[...]
Pokémon TCG Japan: Scarlet & Violet ex Preview: Gold Legendaries
Koraidon and Miraidon each get a Gold ex meaning that each set gets a Gold ex… or so it seems The Sword & Shield era treated Gold Pokémon quite strangely, with the Sword & Shield base set launching with Gold Vs for Zamazenta and Zacian After that set, though, Sword & Shield – Rebel Clash all the way[...]
Pokémon TCG Japan: Scarlet & Violet ex’s Koraidon & Miraidon Full Art
Credit: Pokémon TCG Koraidon and Miraidon are the Legendary mascots of Scarlet & Violet so it makes sense that Scarlet ex and Violet ex would be headed up by cards featuring these two heavy hitters Both Pokémon get a standard Pokémon ex, a Special Illustration Rare ex, a Full Art ex, and a Gold Secret Rare ex[...]
Pokémon TCG Japan: Violet ex Preview: Miraidon Special Art Rare
Now, its counterpart, Miraidon, gets its Special Art Rare in Violet ex. Scarlet ex & Violet ex cards Credit: Pokémon TCG Much like Koraidon's Special Art Rare depicted a Dedenne scampering in the foreground; this card depicts the Legendary Miraidon interacting with a smaller Pokémon In this case, it's the Fairy-type Dachsbun, the evolution of Fidough[...]
Pokémon TCG Scarlet & Violet ETBs Include Art Rare Promos
Credit: Pokémon TCG There will be two Elite Trainer Boxes for Scarlet & Violet base, with the Scarlet-inspired box depicting Koraidon and the Violet-inspired box depicting Miraidon These will also be the focus of the corresponding Art Rare SWSH Black Star Promos in the boxes. Pokémon TCG Scarlet & Violet Elite Trainer Box promos[...]
Pokémon TCG Japan: Scarlet & Violet ex Preview: Miraidon ex
Credit: Pokémon TCG Miraidon is a new Paldean Legendary that, along with Koraidon, is one of the set mascots of this new era Miraidon leads up Violet ex while Koraidon leads up Scarlet ex for obvious reasons An Electric/Dragon-type Legendary, Miraidon is also the game mascot of Violet for the Switch and can be seen in five Modes (Low-Power,[...]