Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Create the Perfect Blanket Fort With These 5 Nerdy Blankets

Create the Perfect Blanket Fort With These 5 Nerdy Blankets

This plush blanket is vibrant, featuring the classic cartoon Maleficent, with her trusty sidekick Diablo!Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Fleece Blanket  $32.90Mister Rogers is still very comforting, even years after his passing This adorable blanket is perfect to curl up in while reading your favorite book, or just enjoying some alone time.Pusheen Pastel Ice Cream Blanket $29.90Pusheen[...]

A Beautiful Day: Tom Hanks Learns Hes Lives in Fred Rogers Neighborhood

"A Beautiful Day": Tom Hanks Learns He's Lives in Fred Rogers' "Neighborhood"

When Fred Rogers passed in 2003, it was difficult to imagine who could ever fill his shoes or those cardigans. How about his sixth cousin? That's what Tom Hanks found out when ancestry.com traced his genealogy and discovered his lineage converges with the former host of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Hanks plays Rogers in A Beautiful […]

Its A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood for Tom Hanks Mr. Rogers [OFFICIAL TRAILER]

It's "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" for Tom Hanks' Mr. Rogers [OFFICIAL TRAILER]

From playfully changing his shoes, his natural gift for music, to his universally engaging and unassuming approach to everyone, Hanks embodies the host of PBS' Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.https://youtu.be/-VLEPhfEN2MRogers was a Presbyterian minister, who felt his calling in life was communicating to children about the world around them through the medium of television[...]