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Bleeding Cool reported on Allegiance Arts and Entertainment, a new comic book publisher created by Mitch Breitweiser and Elizabeth Breitweiser, with Arkansas businessman David Martin, crowdfunded to launch in Walmart With 30,000+ print runs for all four launch titles, including Red Rooster, and prominent pricey placing in the book section of the store Such a[...]
The company has been formed by comic creators and husband and wife team, Mitch Breitweiser and Elizabeth Breitweiser, with Arkansas businessman David Martin. Martin is the CEO of reputation management/crisis consulting firm Allegiance Consulting Group. Mitch and Elizabeth Breitweiser's New Comic Publisher in Walmart Art from Indiegogo. The publisher will see Walmart place endcap displays in over 3000[...]
Mitch, Elizabeth Breitweiser Pull Out Of Lakes Festival Over Personal Safety Concerns
Elizabeth was announced earlier in the year, with Mitch joining her more recently. Mitch Breitweiser is a prominent comic book artist well known for his Captain America work, and Donald Trump supporter who posted images of support after his Presidential win, to very negative reactions from fellow comic book professionals Bleeding Cool outlined an article about[...]
And Now… Comic Folk React To Donald Trump Firing FBI Director James Comey — ComicArtistPro Secrets on YouTube (@EthanVanSciver) May 9, 2017 And Mitch Breitweiser: When you have faith in conspiracy theories, everything you see is part of the conspiracy — ComicArtistPro Secrets on YouTube (@EthanVanSciver) May 9, 2017 To the far Left, this must mean Comey was SO CLOSE to nailing Trump for "Russian Collusion." He had to go[...]
Captain America Artist Wonders Why He Is Losing Friends Over His Patriotism
Futurists artist Mitch Breitweiser is known for drawing the Star Spangled Avenger, but it was an artistic tribute to a different sort of American icon that caused him sorrow on social media this week Following the election victory of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, Breitweiser made the following tweet, congratulating Trump on the win and wishing him success: The reaction[...]