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And Now… Comic Folk React To Donald Trump Firing FBI Director James Comey


Whenever an event of global significance happens, the first thing we think about is always: what do notable comic book folk think about this? And we know you think about too, because Bleeding Cool's long-running series of articles, Comic Folk React To…, has been wildly successful and continues to bring in unique clicks from everybody wondering what ____ has to say about Brexit or Trump's immigration policy or The Super Bowl or a British general election or a French election or Donald Trump's inauguration. So it's only common sense that we all want to know how Comic Folk React To Donald Trump Firing James Comey (TM). Don't even try to be indignant about it. You clicked on this.

Well, you know why we're here, and we know why you're here. Let's just get to it then, shall we?

Starting appropriately enough with comics journalist and creator of Fanboy RampageGraeme McMillan:

Indeed. We'll see if we can get to the bottom of that, but we doubt it.

That's not what Twitter is here for, Gallaher.

(The second paragraph of Trump's termination letter to Comey says "While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation…")

A shoutout to Marvel's latest super-mega-crossover event:

And some more serious allegations:

And even more serious ones:

Wrong article, pal!

And now Jonathan Hickman makes a wrestling reference?



Fair enough. But isn't there anybody out there who will take Donald Trump's side in all of this? Anyone?!

And Mitch Breitweiser:

And Rob Liefeld:

We wish you did too, Rob. That would be the most EXTREME 24 hour cable news network of all time!

Anything else?

And that seems as good a place to end it as any.

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