Sticker Shock For Red Rooster and Other Allegiance Arts Comics

Bleeding Cool reported on Allegiance Arts and Entertainment, a new comic book publisher created by Mitch Breitweiser and Elizabeth Breitweiser, with Arkansas businessman David Martin, crowdfunded to launch in Walmart. With 30,000+ print runs for all four launch titles, including Red Rooster, and prominent pricey placing in the book section of the store. Such a publishing initiative does not come cheap.

But with copies aplenty, speculator and collectors wondered if there may be value in collecting such titles, as they appear outside of the traditional direct market. The relatively large print runs for such launches was given as a reason why not. However, there is something that such collectors hadn't taken into account. Walmart itself.

Bleeding Cool has shown how DC Comics' titles in store have been subject to being placed below drippy gooey slimeballs. As well as, in some cases, apparently thrown onto the shelf. Well, Allegiance Arts and Entertainment may have their own issues with Walmart. Because while the store knows not to put sticky price stickers on the items in the Collector section, they have no such reluctance in the bookstore section. While all the comics have prices prominently on the cover at $4.98, that's not enough for Walmart price guns.

One seller on eBay states of the condition of the copies of the four titles they are selling "The only bad thing about these comics is they come in with a Wal-mart generic price sticker on the covers. And they are the cheap stickers that break apart and leave reside. I was successful in removing 3 of the 4 stickers, but one comics cover was damaged in the process. I circled it in the picture on the comic Norah's Saga #1." Still managed to almost double their money, selling for $35. the set. Another seller was able to get $20 for just Red Rooster #1.

On the IndieGoGo page, "about Red Rooster coming to Walmart before those who backed the crowdfunded in 2018, saying "we carefully designed the books so price stickers wouldn't be necessary. We've spoken with the distributor about the problem and future issues will not have price stickers."

However, it may be worth mentioning that the comics are still available on and at cover price as well. You could buy all four for the price of Red Rooster on eBay… just be warned, as one collector mentioned on a Comics Collection and Speculation forum that Walmart sent them in a small bubble wrap envelope with no cardboard to keep them flat. Another states that instore, the display is small and tight, so comics get damaged easily, especially when kids at kid-level grab them, and about 90% of them are damaged on the display. Maybe decent condition copies might be worth something after all?

Sticker Shock For Red Rooster and other Allegiance Arts Comics.
Sticker Shock For Red Rooster and other Allegiance Arts Comics Image from publisher.

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