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Viz Media Unveils List of February 2020 Manga Releases
22 By Mizuho Kusanagi The mission to rescue Yona and Riri from Sei leads to reunions and revelations! Who is Riri's secret crush? And has Yona come to realize her feelings for Hak? Later, masked visitors from the nation of Xing beckon Yona and the Dragon Warriors to meet their leader! For teen audiences. ISBN 13           978-1-9747-1108-6 On Sale Date  [...]
Viz Media Releases December Manga Solicitations
21 By Mizuho Kusanagi When Su-won hears of Riri's abduction, he launches surprise attacks on Sei fortresses in an attempt to save her Meanwhile, Riri leaves Yona in a forest in order to lure Sei troops away from her Will Riri escape capture and execution? For teen audiences. ISBN 13           978-1-4215-9381-4 On Sale Date   2019-12-03 Price USA        $9.99 Price CAN        $12.99 Dimension       5[...]