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Monoprice Unveils New GT Foldable Racing Stand
Monoprice has revealed a brand new gaming prereferral for racers as they have launched the GT Foldable Racing Stand Coming out as a part of the Dark Matter line of gear, this piece of equipment is designed to mount a gaming steering wheel, stick shift, and racing pedals, all one a single unit that can[...]
Monoprice Showcases Tons Of New Items During CES 2023
During CES 2023, Monoprice decided to go all-out and reveal a ton of new gaming and tech items on the way this year The company showed items involving 3D printing, camping, healthcare, monitors, PC accessories, and more, as they were super stoked to reveal everything the company has going on We have a rundown of[...]
Monoprice Reveals New Triple Monitor Racing Mount
Monoprice has revealed a brand new item for racing gamers as they present the Dark Matter Triple Monitor Racing Mount This is basically designed to be a solution for people who want to have a better racing setup with the proper monitor framing, but don't want to plop down $1,000+ for a proper rig that[...]