Monoprice Reveals New Triple Monitor Racing Mount

Monoprice has revealed a brand new item for racing gamers as they present the Dark Matter Triple Monitor Racing Mount. This is basically designed to be a solution for people who want to have a better racing setup with the proper monitor framing, but don't want to plop down $1,000+ for a proper rig that you see these days. The pricing on it is just $200 as you can throw in three 32" monitors or a single 49" wide or curved monitor to get the real effect of racing. What's more, the metal frame is designed to keep everything secure so it won't tip over, and allows for custom mounting of other objects and future additions from the company. You can read more about it below from the company.

Monoprice Reveals New Triple Monitor Racing Mount
Credit: Monoprice

"Build your racing/flight simulation rig with the Dark Matter Triple Monitor Stand. The all-metal construction adds durability and the weight needed to keep your monitors stable, safe, and secure. The stand is designed to mount up to three 32" monitors weighing up to 22 lbs. each, or a single 49" monitor. The floor-standing design allows for a cockpit chair to be added. It is also tall enough to be used behind any standard sitting desk. Enhance your immersion using the Triple Monitor Stand with your racing or flight simulation rig."

"This Triple Monitor Stand is designed to mount up to three 32" monitors weighing up to 22 lbs. each. You can also mount one or two larger monitors, as long as they don't exceed 22 lbs. each. Monoprice, Dark Matter, the Dark Matter logo, and all Monoprice logos are trademarks of Monoprice Inc. VESA is a registered trademark of the Video Electronics Standards Association. The foldable arms allow you to angle the side monitors to create a more accurate and immersive monitor layout for your game's side views and your preferred screen size. The included wire guards help keep your cables from being pinched in the foldable areas of the stand."

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