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James Wan Shares Hidden Aquaman Creators Tribute from the Film
Pictures film. One of the more interesting (and heartwarming) placements of this writing happens to be on King Atlan's golden trident, which is an important part of the film (obviously). Wan tweeted that the words on the trident translate to "Paul and Mort", referring to Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger, the creators of the DC Comics character[...]
Roswell, The Beginnings Of The UFO Craze And What It Has To Do With DC Comics
The real-life Raymond Palmer was also a longtime friend of DC Comics editors and writers such as Schwartz, Mort Weisinger, and Otto Binder Palmer had been hit by a truck as a child, and suffered a spinal injury which inhibited his growth He became an avid science fiction reader, and he, Schwartz, and Weisinger were[...]
Green Arrow: A Celebration Of 75 Years – 24 Trades Of Christmas
It starts with his first appearance in More Fun Comics #73 (1941) by Mort Weisinger and George Papp in a story called Case Of The Namesake Murders Weisinger and Papp would return with Mort Meskin to do two stories: Blueprint for Crime and Death Valley from Leading Comics #1 in 1941 The section ends with[...]
75 Years Of The Emerald Archer
It's been 75 years since Mort Weisinger and George Papp saw the publication of their More Fun Comics #73 (Nov 1941) It was the first time readers got to see billionaire businessman Oliver Queen done the Robin Hood inspired costume of the Green Arrow Weisinger drew inspiration from more than just Robin Hood, there are elements that[...]