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Big Problems With Nerd Block: Chargebacks, Closed Sites, And Refunds

Here to unfortunately tell you that Nerdblock looks to definitely be going bankrupt.UDON was contracted by Nerdblock to produce an exclusive edition of our Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide for their December 2016 “Arcade Block” subscription box We invoiced them for payment in January.During that time we have been passed around the company from[...]

Nerd Block Gives Us the Subscription Box We Thought Already Existed

In "this did not already exist?" news, Nerd Block has announced that they are going to begin offering a new Doctor Who themed subscription box. It's tagline is (wait for it) – #ITSBIGGERONTHEINSIDE, (see what they did there). The box will be the standard fare: bi-monthly, collectors will receive  exclusive and/or limited edition collectibles (remember when […]

Heading To Emerald City Comic Con? Pick Up An Exclusive Nerdblock Box

Subscription boxes are all the rage the rage these days, and one of the original and longest running ones would be Nerdblock They were the first one I ever bought, and got me hooked At most conventions these companies will now sell an exclusive box you can only get at the show, and this years[...]

In September, Nerd Block Will Give You A Veneral Disease – UNBOXING

Here is the unboxing of one of the items, appearing in the next Nerd Block subscription packages…. [youtube][/youtube] Yes, a cuddly plush Crab Louse, though I understand that Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis are also being sent out in Nerd Blocks as well. They're courtesy of which aims to educate people about good sexual health […]

Firefly, Star Wars And Star Trek In September's Loot Crate

Okay, so we're starting to get well into this whole subscription box craze at Bleeding Cool. It's an obsession we're happy to go along with. And next month, Loot Crate are going all in.   So, that's something from Firefly, something from Star Wars, something from Star Trek. And something (maybe one of the three […]

Flipping Your LootCrate And NerdBlock In August

The TMNT figure has sold from around $8 to $15. And the whole box is an easy $55 sale.In comparison NerdBlock's two exclusive Doctor Who comics sell for $5 each, the Batman POP for about $13 and the Pokemon t-shirt for around $12. And the box as a whole? $30 at a push...LootCrate wins this round.. and is[...]