Flipping Your LootCrate And NerdBlock In August

Subscripton collection boxes, they are all this rage!

And this is what August's LootCrate got you.


An exclusive Groot Funko Pop, a TMNT toy, TMNT sunglasses and some other detritus. All for $20.

But what if you were a mercenary soul and put it all on eBay? what then?

Well the Groot sold for $117 on its own on eBay but that was a bit of an outlier. Certainly, $30-$40 is definitely acheivable. Already that's double the LootCrate value. The TMNT figure has sold from around $8 to $15. And the whole box is an easy $55 sale.


In comparison NerdBlock's two exclusive Doctor Who comics sell for $5 each, the Batman POP for about $13 and the Pokemon t-shirt for around $12. And the box as a whole? $30 at a push

LootCrate wins this round… and is taking orders for September.


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