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Why Scream 4 Deserves its Newfound Appreciation
When you hear the term 'scream queen" many horror veterans come to mind, but one of the most notable is none other than Scream star Neve Campbell Campbell has portrayed the character of Sidney Prescott for four films, solidifying herself as a genuine genre icon and there will always be a desire for her to[...]
Why Scream 4 Deserves its Newfound Appreciation
The films have always thrived in that self-aware meta-horror, so with news of another Scream meant we were even more hopeful it would continue down a path that had been established by the late director Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson. A new report states that while nothing is officially decided on (more labeled as rumor mill[...]
Why Scream 4 Deserves its Newfound Appreciation
(More on those ideas below.) Sidney returns It's tough to imagine the Scream films without scream queen Neve Campbell returning to her role as one of the most remarkable survivors in horror Sidney has gone through exceptional levels of distress and betrayal from her late-teens through adulthood after being targeted by seven serial killers on four separate[...]
A New "Scream" Film In Development With Spyglass Media Group
Actor David Arquette has previously expressed an interest in returning, and scream queen Neve Campbell seemed somewhat open to it last year but has since shown reluctance in a recent interview Courtney Cox is the only one who hasn't publicly shared if she'd return for a possible Scream 5 or not, but she did show her[...]
Why Scream 4 Deserves its Newfound Appreciation
Scream 4 played with changes like social media, smartphones, live streaming, and as many ways possible to keep it fresh for returning final girl Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell.) While making this an updated version of the original, the fourth film also took the time to keep its meta-awareness and acknowledged that source material is the overall[...]
Neve Campbell
Ulrich told TVLine that he thinks they should get his 1996 film Scream co-star Neve Campbell for the part. "I mean, God, I think Neve [Campbell] would be really interesting I know she's busy doing some films and stuff like that, so I don't know if that's a possibility But yeah, I think she'd be very intriguing." Jughead's[...]
A Very Big List Of Casting Updates
The first one we'll probably get to see – from director Boris Damast – is set to include Claire Foy (Season of the Witch) and Max Irons (Red Riding Hood), with Neve Campbell, Jacqueline Bisset, Elle Fanning, Tom Wilkinson, Alfred Molina and Sebastian Koch also said to be in negotations Damast's script focuses on how[...]