A New "Scream" Film In Development With Spyglass Media Group

Various horror legends have been a topic of discussion lately, and now one of the very best could be making its way back to us soon enough. Eight years after Scream 4 brought the franchise into a new generation, there's officially talk of reviving Scream to continue integrating Ghostface into the thriving horror genre.

Just recently, we discussed the potential chance to see certain slasher franchises return, with Scream being our top pick. The films truly carved it's own path and became a prominent staple in horror as costumes, references, and film/television influences have become long-term effects of the powerful Wes Craven directed film series. After noticing Scream 4 finally began to receive more praise than it initially did (yes the film is highly under-rated) Bloody Disgusting is now reporting that Scream could be returning to us, however the former Dimension Films owned property will now be made through Spyglass Media Group who's also said to be rebooting the former Dimension film franchise Hellraiser.



After the dissolution of Dimension Films and The Weinstein Company, a large portion of the catalog was shifted over to Spyglass, meaning that it was only a matter of time before receiving more Scream. Spyglass is still a work in progress without any current films on their roster, but their interest in acquiring rights to iconic horror titles proves that they'll place an emphasis on the genre — and producing content with a dedicated audience.

As far as the next Scream film, it's currently unknown if the initial plans involve moving forward with Scream 5, a spin-off, or reboot, but the most enticing concept is definitely to continue the universe created by Craven and writer Kevin Williamson. The same report states that as of now, Williamson isn't said to be involved, but there's plenty of time for things to change. Actor David Arquette has previously expressed an interest in returning, and scream queen Neve Campbell seemed somewhat open to it last year but has since shown reluctance in a recent interview. Courtney Cox is the only one who hasn't publicly shared if she'd return for a possible Scream 5 or not, but she did show her Scream fanbase love in a recent post on Instagram. At the moment all we can do is cross our fingers that the three (or at least Campbell) is in for another run-in with Ghostface.

This is by far one of the most promising announcements in the horror genre lately, so hopefully, we'll be hearing more about a possible Scream 5 soon! Are you as excited as us about the idea of another Scream film?

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