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New Teen Titans #23
With DC Comics even going so far as to edit previously published artwork to remove grey hair from Superman. Competing covers of Batman/Superman & The Authority Special Not the first time Grant Morrison-related comic books have caused similar problems, Batman Inc stretching over the New 52 reboot ten years ago was a prime example. New Teen Titans #23[...]
DC Comics Presents #26 featuring the debut of the New Teen Titans.
DC Comics Presents was a Superman team-up series lasting 97 issues from 1978 to 1986 which contained more than a few surprises along the way, from the historical perspective.  For example, in 1980 for DC Comics Presents #26, the publisher dropped in a 16-page preview of the New Teen Titans by Marv Wolfman and George[...]
Arrowverse "Elseworlds": LaMonica Garrett Talks The Monitor's Look, Motivation
John Deegan's (Jeremy Davies) reality-altering ways – but everyone has their good side, right? In an interview with the fine folks over at CinemaBlend, Garrett discusses where The Monitor/Mar Novu lands on the "good guy"/"big bad" morality scale – but not before addressing how his version of the character compares to his comic book counterpart in 1985's Crisis[...]
Which Comics Should Fans of DC TV/Film Start With? DC Broke It Down at SDCC
She begins by reminiscing about having worked with legendary editor Karen Berger earlier in her career. Wolfman lists a few of his accomplishments "for this company," including the New Teen Titans Avita adds that his work is an Essentials list all on its own, but Wolfman recommends the first collection of his most recent Raven series[...]
Nightwing To Be Replaced By Grayson, And A New Teen Titans For The New 52
No problem there. He was also told that his Teen Titans subscription would transfer to New Teen Titans Which, well we thought there was a new Teen Titans title coming, but not that it was called New Teen Titans Well, we know now. And as for his Nightwing subscription? That would transfer to a title called Grayson. Which asks[...]
New Teen Titans, Volume II, #39
Barreto's work was most frequently seen on New Teen Titans, Volume II, where he took over penciling duties with #13 and would draw all of but two of the remaining issues before the title became the New Titans with #50. Barreto's best work came in the one-shot Lex Luthor: the Unauthorized Biography, written by James Hudnall[...]
Frank Miller's Holy Terror Vs New Teen Titans: Games
Two weeks ago, DC Comics published New Teen Titans: Games, a hardcover graphic novel by Marv Wolfman and George Perez we have been waiting twenty years for One week ago, Legendary Comics published the comic that DC was going to publish several years ago, Frank Miller's Holy Terror – which once upon a time would[...]