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Auto Draft
The group will be hosting the GGG Draft Day Event, which is their own livestream NFL Draft show happening on April 29th from 8-11pm, exclusively on Twitch During the stream, Ekeler (who founded the GGG) and co-host Jordan Schultz will be welcoming GGG teammates, current NFL players, and other athletes and celebrity fans to essentially[...]
Marvel's Luke Cage
Here is a pretty timely tie-in as we get our first clip from Marvel's Luke Cage season 2. Luke Cage shows off his superhero strength by competing in the physical and mental tests of the combine event, similar to the one that college football players have gone through on their way to the NFL Draft, which[...]
New Era 2018 NFL Draft Hats Available Now, Not the Greatest Ever
New Ear has revealed their 2018 NFL Draft hats and they are… interesting this year I look forward to getting this release every year (I have every Cleveland Browns draft hat since 2003 because I hate myself), and this may be the first year I skip I am not the biggest fan of the "team[...]
NFL Draft 2017 – Reviewing The NFC
How would you like to spend all the time between the end of the 2016 season preparing for the 2017 Draft, working with all of your scouts to craft the
NFL Draft: Day One – Like Watching A Kevin Costner Movie
The first night of the NFL draft is in the books and there were a lot of surprises and a few 'wtf' moments If you were following a long, you saw that ever mock draft across the board was blown up with the second pick We had some general managers who look like they may[...]