The Rookie: After Great Season 1 Why Wont ABC #RenewTheRookie

'The Rookie': After Great Season 1, Why Won't ABC #RenewTheRookie?

This show is good, the most consistently good new show I have watched in a very long time.So what reasons could ABC possibly have for delaying the renewal?[caption id="attachment_973053" align="alignnone" width="11608"] (ABC/Ed Herrera)[/caption] First, a quick primer on why the show works... Originally billed as a Nathan Fillion vehicle, the actor stars as newly divorced 40-year-old father John[...]

The Rookie Season 1 Caught Stealing Is All Shades Of Gray [SPOILER REVIEW]

'The Rookie' Season 1 "Caught Stealing" Is All Shades Of Gray [SPOILER REVIEW]

Throughout the episode Nolan (Nathan Fillion), Chen (Melissa O'Neil), and West (Titus Makin Jr.) have their integrity tested in many ways, both obvious and insidious, and learn where their boundaries lay.So pull out the crime scene tape.. spoilers below![caption id="attachment_989223" align="alignnone" width="900"] ABC Television Network (ABC/Eric McCandless)[/caption]Almost every episode of The Rookie starts with roll call[...]

First Set Shot From Dark Knight Rises

First Set Shot From Dark Knight Rises?

Thanks to NolanFans for tipping Bleeding Cool off as to this shot purporting to be from the set of the third Nolan Batman movie Dark Knight Rises Certainly someone is building Arkham Asylum sets...This was posted on the JoBlo forums with the description; "my good mate who is working on set at cardington where it's being[...]

Speculator Corner: Legends Of The Dark Knight 11-15

Speculator Corner: Legends Of The Dark Knight 11-15

No sooner has the rumour that the new Batman movie Dark Knight Rising will be based on Prey, the Doeg Moench/Paul Gulacy five parter story from Legends Of The Dark Knight #11-#15, than eBay sits up and takes notice. Previously a very cheap comic, with issues rarely selling for more than 99 cents, a collection […]