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Review: "Dude" & "More Dude" by North Star Games

Probably one of the coolest, simplest, and weirdest games we've ever received at a convention for review is Dude and More Dude by North Star Games A while ago at one of the PAX conventions, we sat down with the company and tried out a bunch of their games, to which they sent us several[...]

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Visiting With North Star Games at PAX East 2019

During our time at PAX East this year, we paid a visit to our friends over at North Star Games to see what new games they had on the way These guys are always cool and happy to see us, so the demos we get are very hands-on and in-depth for board games, even though[...]

Review: Monster Match by North Star Games

Another one of the games we received from North Star Games a while ago was a cute little card game called Monster Match designed for ages 6+ I really liked the idea that a bunch of the company's games are put inside these little zipper packets that appeal to both kids and adults But how[...]

Review: Happy Salmon by North Star Games

A while ago I was sent a bunch of games from the awesome people at North Star Games to review, but every time I got a group together for these, plans fell through Which made me feel bad because the company goes out of their way to make party games for large groups that anyone[...]

Playing For the Sake of Having Fun with Happy Salmon at PAX East

Another game we got some awesome amount of time with while visiting North Star Games at PAX East was Happy Salmon, which is essentially one of the quickest and cutest card games you'll ever come across The premise of it is simple: you have four sets of cards that do four specific actions When you[...]

Taking Survival to the Next Level with North Star Games' Evolution

Probably the happiest group of people we came across at PAX East this year were the crew from North Star Games, who follow by a creed of making games more about having fun than about winning That's the experience we got from the first game they showed us in Evolution, both as a card game[...]