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NECA Reveals Wave Four Of Their Alien 40th Anniversary Figures
This line has been gangbusters as we inch ever closer to having the full Nostromo crew on our shelves Wave 3 should be hitting Walmarts anytime now, and this wave is due in May 2021 Check out all three figures below. NECA Alien Wave 4   This Alien Line Has Been Amazing So Far "Released to theaters in 1979,[...]
“Alien” Nostromo Lands as a New Collectible with HCG
Strap yourselves in and prepare for blast off as Hollywood Collectibles Group announces the Nostromo from Alien This collectible ship was seen in the classic sci-fi film Alien and this isn't any ordinary statue This statue is quite massive as it clocks in at 26" long and 17" wide! This spaceship is highly detailed from intensive[...]
Tom Skerritt Talks the Power of Women on 'Alien' 40th Anniversary
Almost everyone in the cast (who are still with us in this lifetime) still speaks about that experience on the Nostromo with a reverence and respect, almost everyone learned something while working with Ridley Scott and crew that's stayed with them. Tom Skerritt, bearded Captain Dallas of the Company's tugboat for the larger refinery vessel it tows, says[...]