Dual Universe has Surpassed $22 M in Total Funding

"Dual Universe" has Surpassed $22 M in Total Funding

 French video game developer Novaquark has finalized an additional $11.2M fundraising deal for Dual Universe. This nearly doubles the company’s previous total funding as they now have $22.6 million USD,  including Novaquark’s Kickstarter campaign from 2016. This new round of funding will support the development of Novaquark’s ambitious single shard MMO, Dual Universe. If you haven’t heard about it[...]

Dual Universe at GDC

Dual Universe at GDC

[caption id="attachment_1010828" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit// Novaquark[/caption]Novaquark's Dual Universe is a continuous single-shard sandbox MMORPG, meaning that players share an absolutely massive world of potentially millions of players on one server And the worlds of Dual Universe are fully editable by players Novaquark’s player-driven approach to the game also manifests in the game’s economy, politics, trade, and warfare,[...]

Building Whatever I Feel Like With Dual Universe At PAX West

Building Whatever I Feel Like With 'Dual Universe' At PAX West

The game is already set for a Pre-Alpha release on September 30th, but developer Novaquark decided to bring it to the convention to give people an opportunity to mess around with the mechanics and explore the worlds they've built.Dual Universe is essentially an MMO where you can build practically anything that you'd like The goal of the[...]