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Avengers #1 cover by Ed McGuinness
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] In the past, a group made up of Odin, Lady Phoenix, Ghost Rider, the Black Panther, the Starbrand, Agamatto, and the Iron Fist went to war with the First Celestial Host. Today, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, and Thor Odinson meet up after a year of terrible events and personal woes One question hovers around all[...]
Thor #706 cover by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson
Asgardia is in shambles, and the Odinson is distraught Jane Foster is standing at the gates of Valhalla and is met by Odin himself Jane feels that her story is not over, and it may not be The Odinson attempts to channel the power of the god Tempest, which once dwelled in Mjolnir, to bring[...]
The Mighty Thor #705 cover by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson
The Odinson knows as well, and he desperately tries to cling onto some hope for Jane's survival. The battle lasts the vast majority of this issue, and it is an impressive slugfest The means by which Jane ends the conflict has that old comic creativity, and it isn't just one side finally tiring out or being[...]
Mighty Thor #704 cover by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson
On Asgardia, the Odinson and Odin himself battle the Mangog with all of their might However, all of their power isn't even staggering the beast Loki arrives to try and save Fridja, but she will not abandon her people. Thor #704 cover by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson The saga of Thor takes a yet darker turn[...]
Thor #703 cover by Russel Dauterman and Matthew Wilson
All the while, Odin merely sits on his throne. Meanwhile, Falcon, the Odinson, Doctor Strange, and Roz all come to check in on Jane Foster at the hospital Her prognosis isn't good Strange predicts that, if she were to become Thor one more time, it would likely kill her Jane has a decision to make; she[...]
Thor #702 cover by Russel Dauterman and Matthew Wilson
The Unworthy Odinson brings ill news, though, as Volstagg has just been found, barely alive. The Odinson pushes Thor to acknowledge her illness and remedy that so she will not soon fall to it She takes his advice — in a way She relinquishes Mjolnir to approach All-Father Odin in her dying human form He answers. Thor[...]
Josh's Throwback Corner: Thor vs. Thanos Collection (Thor 1998 Series)
He's a bizarrely-shaped monstrosity made up of a billion dead souls and hates Odin and Asgard for causing those deaths He plays patsy to Thanos for most of the story, like Mister Sinister to Apocalypse or Desaad to Darkseid Mangog is frighteningly powerful, but he still kneels to the Mad Titan. To speak more to the[...]
Marvel Legacy Sneak Peek – Odin, Phoenix And The 1,000,000 BC Avengers
Marvel continues to push their Marvel Legacy initiative, an event that Executive Editor Tom Brevoort says, "No character, no franchise will be untouched by the game-changing events that play out across its pages." Part of that includes introducing the 1,000,000 BC Avengers that include Odin, Iron Fist, Starbrand, Ghost Rider, Phoenix, Agamotto and Black Panther[...]
The Thorn On The Rose You Never Expect – Loki 101
This show not only his history of being adopted by Odin and raised as a brother to Thor, but his ability to reincarnate and his grand designs on ruling Asgard But you look at the drawns of him as a child in the early parts of this 101… and you can tell her is evil,[...]
Fear Itself #4 And The Demon In A Bottle (SPOILERS)
When Tony Stark takes himself to Odin in order to make some kind of deal with him, in dealing with the attacks of the Serpent God What it is, we'll find out in writer Matt Fraction's Invincible Iron Man series. But in order to gain an audience, he has to make a sacrifice And he sacrifices[...]
The Role Of Sin In Fear Itself
So what do we know? Well, the series will centre on Thor and Captain America, an Eden-like myth in Norse history revolving around the God Of Fear, the serpent cast out by Odin, killed his followers and churches and has hidden his existence And Sin, the daughter of Red Skull, and now the new Red Skull,[...]
The All Father Brian Blessed – And Family
Tickets are only available by contacting the producers, here. So if you'd like to see Brian Blessed and family live before he becomes Odin in Kenneth Branagh's Thor, this might be a good opportunity. If you're interested, don't walk Run! At 3pm on Sunday 6th September, Brian Blessed, his wife Hildegard Neil, his daughter Rosalind Blessed and[...]