Fear Itself #4 And The Demon In A Bottle (SPOILERS)

It's one of the classic Iron Man stories of all time. Demon In A Bottle, the moment when Iron Man, Tony Stark was brought down by his drinking to the ultimate low, and then rebuilt his life as an admitted alcoholic and teetotaller.

A nine part story, published 1979 by David Michelinie, Bob Layton, John Romita, Jr, and Carmine Infantino, saw Iron Man not only fighting his usual enemies but also his internal ones, it became a keystone moment for the book and the character, and has been much referenced since.

Well, it happens again today in Fear Itself #4. When Tony Stark takes himself to Odin in order to make some kind of deal with him, in dealing with the attacks of the Serpent God. What it is, we'll find out in writer Matt Fraction's Invincible Iron Man series.

But in order to gain an audience, he has to make a sacrifice. And he sacrifices his teetotallism, drinking from a wine bottle labelled Demon Dans Une Bouteille.

You know, after drinking three pints of Bulmers last night, I thought I saw a god or two as well.

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics of London. Check out their Klaus Janson podcast interview here, with Grant Morrison to come.

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