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The Next Moon Studios Game Will Be An Action RPG
Moon Studios, the creators of Ori and The Blind Forest, are making a new game right now that will be an action RPG title The word got out after people picked up on a job advertisement on Gamasutra While there's no information beyond the job, which is a Senior Producer, it does give a little[...]
'Ori and the Will of the Wisps' Delayed Till March 11, New Trailer at Video Game Awards
Check it out below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuDYRZijXwsVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Ori and the Will of the Wisps – TGA 2019 – Gameplay Trailer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuDYRZijXws) From the creators of the acclaimed action-platformer Ori and the Blind Forest comes the highly anticipated sequel, Ori and the Will of the Wisps[...]
"Ori and the Blind Forest" on Switch is the Definitive Version of Actual Heartbreak
Nintendo, Microsoft Studios, and Moon Studios GmbH showed off Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition at PAX West The game was playable on Nintendo Switch, with the altered controls necessary for the Switch's button-layout While that might trip you up a bit at the start, the altered controls are relatively easy to get used to[...]
Ori Might Be Getting A Sequel Called Ori And The Will Of The Wisps
So, you may or may not know that Ori and the Blind Forest was a pretty big deal around these parts It got our Game of the Year last year and I have never, ever stopped championing it. Well, there isn't much to this particular leak except a decent reputation NerdLeaks have a pretty good track[...]
Ori And The Blind Forest: Definitive Edition Hits PC Next Week
Here at Bleeding Cool, we gave Ori and the Blind Forest game of the year last year, and it's an award I stand by I can bring nothing but fondness up for the game, and if you haven't played it you really should find a way. The Definitive Edition of the game which adds new areas,[...]
Bleeding Cool's Game Of The Year 2015: #17 – #1
Ori And The Blind Forest 'Metroidvania' as it has come to be known, is a flagging genre, and if we are honest with ourselves, one that is built on older design sensibilities. Ori and the Blind Forest brings the genre back to life in ways I wouldn't have guessed it could sitting down to the play the[...]
Ori And The Blind Forest Getting Defintive Edition With More Content
For my money, Ori and the Blind Forest is still the best game this year There is a lot of stiff competition for it to stay top of my through list this coming fall, but right now, I just haven't enjoyed my experience with any other game quite as much in 2015. If you haven't gotten[...]
Ori And The Blind Forest Developer Has An Outline For A Sequel
Ori and the Blind Forest captured my imagination in a big way when I first played it Sadly I got halted by a game breaking bug, but I am going to make a run at it again this weekend. As I said though, the title had me enraptured for the first few hours I got to[...]
Ori And The Blind Forest Gets A New Trailer Ahead Of Next Week's Release
Ori and The Blind Forest has had me in a tizzy since it was announced at last E3 The beautiful art style, music, affecting story and gameplay has sustained my interest as I've gotten hands on with the title at several events since too. This new trailer appears to be tying all these elements together into[...]
Ori and The Blind Forest Has A Fully Orchestrated Soundtrack
The more I see and play of Ori and the Blind Forest, the more I'm on board The game is genuinely difficult, overcoming its cutesy visuals, which in and of themselves look spectacular. Speaking of spectacular, here is a video of the game's soundtrack being recorded I'm really happy that Microsoft and Moon Studios are putting[...]
Ori And The Blind Forest Set For March Release After Delay
  Ori and The Blind Forest was announced during last E3 and it looked to be a beautiful prospect My enthusiasm for the game has only grown as I've gotten my hands on it too, with the cutesy looking game showing itself to have teeth, bringing a dash of genuine challenge to its play. The game was[...]