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38 Thoughts About 38 Comics – Green Lantern, Chew, Deadly Class, Dream Police, Avengers x3, Hulk, Batgirl, Batman Vs. Bane, Silver Surfer, Origin II, All-New X-Men, Amazing Spider-Man, Batman Eternal, GI Joe, Wolverine, Darklight, Battlestar Galactica x2, Ghostbusters, Judge Dredd, Garfield, My Little Pony, Southern Bastards, X-Files, V-Wars, Transformers, Dexter's Lab, Tales Of Honor, Doc Savage, Grimm, Rai, Shadowman, Adventure Time, Clockwork Angels, Hacktivist And Loki

Stephanie Brown appears in a comic today....Silver Surfer shows us the most obvious use for a silver surfboard that can coast the intergalactic solar streams, for a teenage woman out and about.Can we just congratulate all involved for some expert panel to panel storytelling there in Origin II? Everything you need to know, so sparsely[...]

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Bleeding Cool Bestseller Chart &#8211 28th Dec 2013 &#8211 DC Knocks Out Marvel

Bleeding Cool Bestseller Chart – 28th Dec 2013 – DC Knocks Out Marvel

But it's worth noting that both DC titles beat out the launch of Wolverine's Origin II and the launch of All New Marvel NOW.Justice League #26 Forever Evil #4 Avengers #24.NOW Origin II #1 Saviors #1 Dr Who Special 2013 #1 Batman #26 Robotech/Voltron #1 Deceivers #1 Harley Quinn #1Thanks to the following retailers,Yesteryear Comics of San Diego, California Pittsburgh Comics of McMurray, Pennsylvania Graham Crackers Comics[...]

Did You See Mister Sinister In Origin II

Did You See Mister Sinister In Origin II?

Aaron Haaland mentioned that Mr Sinister wasn't in Origin II, even though he was on the cover.Wasn't he?He may have Just not as you know him You may have seen the tag on the polar bear, out of place in the wilderness, and displaying considerable fighting skills against an early Wolverine.Note, "Subject II, N[...]

Twenty-One Christmassy Thoughts About Twenty-One Comics &#8211 Avengers Forever Evil Origin II Justice League Saviors Robotech/Voltron Doctor Who Action Bible Alter Ego Hide Sir Roland Winter City Trench Coat Samurai Synergy 1001 Nights The Bunker Chainmail Monsters Of The Silver Age Rocket Robinson Strange Symmetry And Slumdroid

Twenty-One Christmassy Thoughts About Twenty-One Comics – Avengers, Forever Evil, Origin II, Justice League, Saviors, Robotech/Voltron, Doctor Who, Action Bible, Alter Ego, Hide, Sir Roland, Winter City, Trench Coat Samurai, Synergy, 1001 Nights, The Bunker, Chainmail, Monsters Of The Silver Age, Rocket Robinson, Strange Symmetry And Slumdroid

Fox News, relax, your war on War Against Christmas is unnecessary.Origin II #1 gives us snow, which is also pretty Christmassy And a Polar bear dropped in a forest, which is a bit Losty And lots of blood in the snow which is just gross. Forever Evil #4 may not be Christmassy but we do have[...]

Mister Sinisters Involvement In Wolverines Origin II

Mister Sinister's Involvement In Wolverine's Origin II?

This acetate cover was handed out to retailers at New York Comic Con, to show how the cover of Origins II will look. What it had, and previous promotional images didn't have was a certain pair of eyes… and a rather diamond embedded forehead. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2YfnJmXM6U[/youtube]

What Comics Will Be On Sale On Christmas Day (UPDATE)

What Comics Will Be On Sale On Christmas Day? (UPDATE)

A reduced number, sure but big books like Origin II and Forever Evil As we get a Doctor Who Christmas special on the TV, we get one in comics as well.And for those looking for action figures at the bottom of their stocking, there's a Robotech/Voltron comic.Here are the books:DC: Forever Evil #4 and tie[...]

Marvel: Origin II Nightcrawler Series Deadpool Vs Carnage And Marvelman

Marvel: Origin II, Nightcrawler Series, Deadpool Vs Carnage And Marvelman

Origin II, a sequel to Wolverine's origin series from a fair few years ago, a new series for the returning Nightcrawler, Deadpool Vs Carnage and a promise that they haven't forgotten Marvelman Pics or it didn't happen? Here you go then.Well be hearing more of this over the next couple of days But here[...]