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American Arcadia Set For PC Release This November
Indie game developer Out Of The Blue and publisher Raw Fury confirmed the release of American Arcadia for PC via Steam this November After being teased for about a year and a half, the game will finally make its way out on November 15, 2023 Along with the news came a brand new trailer, which[...]
New Puzzle-Platfomer Game America Arcadia Announced
Raw Fury and indie developer Out Of The Blue revealed their next game on the way as America Arcadia is coming to PC and consoles This is an interesting single-player game that marries two unlikely genres into a futuristic '70s style caper, as you're getting a 2.5D platformer and a first-person puzzler together Each style[...]
Out of the Blue: Dennis Hopper Cult Classic Gets US Theatrical Release
Out of the Blue is a movie that should not exist It was brought into existence through sheer force of will by director Dennis Hopper It started as a Canadian Public Service Announcement movie about a troubled teenage girl who gets helped by a kindly psychiatrist played by Raymond Burr Hopper was only hired to[...]
Out of the Blue: Dennis Hopper Cult Classic Gets US Theatrical Release
Out of the Blue is the 3rd movie that the late Dennis Hopper directed, a cult classic and seminal Punk movie from 1980 It only got a limited release in the US at the time and gained a greater cult reputation in the UK and Europe John Alan Simon and Elizabeth Karr had restored the[...]
Out of the Blue: Dennis Hopper Cult Classic Gets US Theatrical Release
Out Of The Blue, the third movie Dennis Hopper directed, which only got a limited US theatrical release in 1982, is finally getting a release of the 4K restored print on its 40th Anniversary in New York City at the Metrograph in November 2021 The movie featured the late Linda Manz as a teenager trapped[...]
Call Of The Sea Is Coming To Xbox & PC On December 8th
Raw Fury and developer Out Of The Blue announced today that Call Of The Sea will be released next month for PC and Xbox consoles The game was originally revealed and touched on a little over the summer when the Xbox Series X was revealed, but beyond that, we've seen and heard little over the[...]
Linda Manz, Days of Heaven and Out of the Blue Star, passes Away
Linda Manz, who starred as a teenager in Terrence Malick's Days of Heaven and Dennis Hopper's Out of the Blue, has passed away at age 58 Her family announced her passing on social media that she had succumbed to a long batter with cancer and pneumonia. Linda Manz in "Days of Heaven," Paramount Pictures Manz may not[...]
Call of the Sea is a gorgeous new game coming to Xbox Series X.
During the Xbox third-party showcase for Xbox Series X, Out of the Blue's dazzling Call of the Sea made its debut, with a colorful trailer to kick things off Set in the South Pacific in the 1930s, it's all about a woman in search of her husband's missing expedition – but nothing is as it[...]
“Out of the Blue”: Kickstarter to Restore Dennis Hopper’s Cult Classic in 4K
Discovery Productions has launched a Kickstarter campaign to restore Dennis Hopper's Out of the Blue to 4K for its 40th anniversary. Dennis Hopper's Out of the Blue is a movie from my teenage years I used to see it in heavy rotation at the Scala Cinema in London back in the 1980s The Scala, now long[...]