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Hollywood Esports Will Hold a Paladins Open Tourney at TCL Chinese Theater
Hi-Rez Studio's Skillshot Media and Hollywood Esports will be combining forces next week as the two will hold an open tournament for Paladins. The event will take place on December 18th at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres on Hollywood Blvd, in which competitors will be fighting for $1,000 and two TCL Chinese Theatres annual passes, 43" TCL TV's, additional gaming peripherals,[...]
Form Blazing Trailer! Netflix Previews 'Voltron: Legendary Defender' Season 8 (TRAILER)
The Defenders of the Universe face off against Emperor Zarkan's Galra Empire in the eigth and final season (at least on the streaming service) of Voltron: Legendary Defender, hitting Netflix on December 14th! Things are looking pretty dire for the Paladins in this dramatic final trailer from DreamWorks Animation: can't be loaded because JavaScript is[...]
Voltron Legendary Defender Season 6 Trailer Warns of New Dangers for the Paladins
The upcoming seven-episode season features the return of Keith (Steven Yeun) as the Paladins find themselves up against another challenging foe Lotor (A.J Locascio) works to move the Galra Empire into a new age — but threats from outside and from within the Empire might make that difficult. As if that wasn't concerning enough, lines from Lotor like,[...]
Hi-Rez Studios has gotten into a little trouble as eagle-eyed Reddit users noticed that it used art assets from Overwatch in one of its promotions. Credit// Hi-Rez Studios A lot has been made of Paladins' similarity to Overwatch The comparison between the two titles is easy to see even at a cursory glance Several characters around the[...]
Credit// Hi-Rez Studios After more than a year of Early Access development, Hi-Rez Studios is launching their free-to-play shooter Paladins on Cbox One, PS4, and PC on May8th. The release was initially covered by IGN: While the launch patch has already been pushed into the live game, adding a Battle Pass system along with other changes, Developer Hi-Rez Studios says the[...]
Credit// Hi-Rez Studios In November of last year, Hi-Rez Studios went live with the Cards Unbound update to their hero shooter Paladins The update changed the way players used and obtained the game's stat cards, in a way that functioned essentially like a loot box If you recall, November marked the height of the loot box controversy[...]
paladins: battlegrounds
Paladins has announced a battle royale mode, seeing it as the newest game capitalising on the red-hot genre. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has become a monumental hit for the genre and as Paladins hops in, Hi-Rez Studio is calling its new mode… well, Paladins: Battlegrounds This comes in the wake of PlayerUnknown himself, Brendan Greene, recently speaking out about IP[...]
Credit// Hi-Rez Studios Hi-Rez Studios recently announced an updated progression system for its free-to-play hero shooter Paladins And many players are angry over its apparent similarities to Star Wars Battlefront II's Star Card system, arguing that the changed make the system a pay-to-win one. Prior to these changes, the stat-boosting cards needed to be unlocked through randomized loot boxes[...]