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Constantine To Get One Last Push By NBC
But the show found its footing with the introductions of Papa Midnight, Felix Faust and Jim Corrigan and could do a lot of great things with a second season. Cerone has said that part of the process will be the network looking at the pilots they have and seeing if there is one that makes a[...]
Papa Midnight And Jim Corrigan Return For Season Finale Of Constantine
This week we see the season finale of Constantine with the return of both Papa Midnight (Michael James Shaw) and Jim Corrigan (Emmett Scanlan) They are all reunited in New Orleans because of a missing girl and the truth behind the rising darkness is revealed Not a bad way to end a season… hopefully not a[...]
First Look At Constantine's Papa Midnight And Gary "Gaz" Lester
First up we have Papa Midnight played by Michael James Shaw I would totally wear a jacket like that These images come from NBC. Now these images of Gary "Gaz" Lester played by Jonjo O'Neill and come from the twitter feeds of the Constantine writer's room and then John Constantine himself, Matt Ryan.   New pictures from[...]
Constantine To Confront Papa Midnight Next Week
Papa Midnight (Michael James Shaw) makes his series debut in The Devil's Vinyl. In "The Devil's Vinyl," John and Zed  engage in a dangerous confrontation to save a woman and her family from sinister forces John's efforts force him to confront the darkness in his own life – while also coming face to face with a[...]