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DEVILS DUE AUG23 Solicitations
While Mercy Sparx creator Josh Blaylock will co-plot, writer Pat Shand of Destiny NY, Van Helsing, Space Between Ent will script, with an artist yet to be announced. Club Nephilim was introduced in 2013 in Mercy Sparx Ongoing Series #4, (Omnibus vol 1) wherein Mercy Sparx herself was held prisoner within the facility, gaining entrance through a[...]
Destiny, NY #1 Sells For $50 on eBay After Tegan & Sara & Sony News
Yesterday Deadline ran the news that Tegan & Sara Quin, musicians, TV producers and comic creators themselves, are to adapt Destiny NY, the comic book created by Pat Shand and Manuel Preitano and published by Black Mask Studios for Sony TV, after competitive bids Co-creators and executive producers of the Amazon Freevee series High School,[...]
Don't Avert Your Eyes Launches Black Mask Special Projects Imprint
They are launching it as an anthology of short stories with new artistic collaborators on Kickstarter as part of a new initiative seen as Black Mask Special Projects imprint overseen by Pat Shand of Destiny NY. Celebrity-socialite Reno Selleti doesn't believe in very much beyond Instagram comments, hipster drugs, and the flash of paparazzi cameras, so[...]
Azza The Barbed Left Speechless
Pat Shand posts on Facebook about Azza The Barded #1, published yesterday from Scout Comics, written by Pat Shand, drawn and coloured by Rio Burton and lettered by Jim Campbell. "I was informed by multiple retailers that Azza the Barbed #1 is missing its lettering from Page 12 and on This is not intentional and not[...]
Destiny NY Launches From Black Mask in March 2021
Destiny NY is a comic book series that has been successfully crowdfunded by Pat Shand (Snap Flash Hustle) and by Manuel Preitano (DC's The Oracle Code)in the past but now has found a new home with Black Mask Studios and will be launching in March 2021 Pat Shand wrote about the process for Bleeding Cool[...]
The Last Chance to Back Warrior Nun from Avatar Press on Kickstarter
Writer Pat Shand (Destiny, NY; Snap Flash Hustle) and Avatar-mainstay artist Daniel Gete (Sitched: Terror) make up the creative team for the series, which brought in positive reviews during its release as single issues last year. Reading With a Flight ring wrote of Gete's artwork: By all that heaven allows is the interior artwork here that good[...]
Going to Hell Because of Bread? Pat Shand Talks Warrior Nun: Dora
He took the opportunity to talk with Warrior Nun: Dora's writer Pat Shand. Artwork from Warrior Nun: Dora Image Credit: Avatar Press William Christensen: Hello, I'm William Christensen, the Editor-in-Chief of Avatar Press With all the excitement about the Netflix WARRIOR NUN show, it seemed like a great time to talk more about the new WARRIOR NUN:[...]
Warrior Nun: Dora is the Lesbian Grunge 90s Buffy We Always Wanted
From Pat Shand and Daniel Gete, Warrior Nun: Dora published by Bleeding Cool's own publisher Avatar Press, is a not-quite-mature-readers-only post-satanic panic nineties-set remake of a nineties character, but drenched in teen goth/grunge culture of the just-pre-internet age It's a period piece that's far more reflective of that age than the original comic book. And keeping[...]
Charmed Comes Back To Comics For Season 10
Original comic book series writer Paul Ruditis will edit the series and Zenescope writer Pat Shand (Angel, Robyn Hood) takes the helm penning the new arc The art team will be announced next month. Fans of the TV series Charmed are going to get more of the magical sisters starting this Fall from Zenescope Entertainment[...]
Reality Vampires And Reverse Kafka, Catching Up With Pat Shand
Pat Shand is a name you may not have heard of yet He's the second staff writer picked up by Zenescope Entertainment (along with Raven Gregory) and cranks out a good chunk of their monthly books Besides his work in comics, he writes and produces off-Broadway theater and teaches screenwriting and English at Five Towns[...]
A Tradd Moore Cover Showed Up In My Email Today.
Suckers, by Pat Shand (Robyn Hood: Wanted) and Ian McGinty (Adventure Time), is described by Shand as: "A comedy about a pair of blood pong playing vampires who take issue with the current depiction of their kind in movies Armed with a camcorder and their bloodlust, they hit the streets with the intention of making their[...]